Manila Gold Coast Reclamation Project

The Manila Goldcoast Reclamation Project, a significant undertaking along the Manila Gold Coast, involved the reclamation of 161 hectares of raw land. This technical document highlights the role of Filipinas Dravo Corporation as the appointed consultant responsible for executing the Detailed Engineering Design. By adhering to the requirements of the Philippine Reclamation Authority, the project aimed to achieve a successful and sustainable reclamation initiative.

Project Scope

Hydraulic Analysis Modeling:

Fildravo conducted comprehensive hydraulic analysis modeling of the adjoining river system. This analysis examined key hydrodynamic factors, including water flow, sedimentation, and flood patterns. By understanding the system’s dynamics, the project team could design appropriate measures to minimize disruption to the natural watercourse.

Detailed Engineering Design:

Fildravo executed detailed engineering on the reclamation site and borrow areas. Through site assessment and surveying. This encompassed soil investigation, dredging plans, foundation design, and shoreline protection measures.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Preparation:

To obtain the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), Fildravo prepared a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The EIS evaluated potential environmental impacts resulting from the reclamation project. It included assessments of water quality, marine life, coastal processes, and proposed suitable mitigation measures.

Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program:

The project prioritized environmental preservation and incorporated an Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program for the borrow areas. This program implemented measures to minimize adverse impacts during the material borrowing process. Erosion control, sedimentation management, and restoration plans were developed to restore and enhance affected areas, ensuring responsible resource utilization.

Conceptual Site Development Plan:

Based on the approved Master Plan, Fildravo devised a comprehensive Conceptual Site Development Plan for the reclaimed land. This plan outlined proposed land use, infrastructure layout, road networks, utilities, and other essential amenities. It served as a roadmap for future development, guaranteeing the integration of the reclaimed area into the broader vision for the Manila Gold Coast.

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