Engr. Romnick Soliman
Vice President in Business Development

Engr. Romnick Soliman, a Civil Engineering graduate from the University of the East Caloocan City, boasts over 14 years of experience in the engineering sector. Currently serving as the Vice President in Business Development and Bids at Fildravo, he has held senior positions in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and the Philippines.

In his current role, Engr. Soliman is responsible for developing and implementing business plans, focusing on creating successful collaborations with clients. His expertise lies in the preparation of bid documents and securing successful bids for Fildravo. As a vital part of the Fildravo Management Committee (MANCOM), he contributes significantly to the company’s strategic decision-making process.

Outside the professional sphere, Engr. Soliman’s interests extend to the basketball court, where he enjoys showcasing his skills. His well-rounded approach to business and personal pursuits reflects a commitment to excellence in all aspects of his career and life.

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