Leah F. Layag
Human Resources Manager

Meet Leah, a highly skilled professional holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Development Management from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. With a wealth of experience in HR, Leah is adept at implementing systems and policies that align with a company’s cultural environment. She excels in conducting training programs to enhance employee productivity and build committed teams, earning recognition for her prompt resolution of employee grievances and contribution to positive management-employee relations.

As an effective and confident communicator, Leah thrives in managing multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring strict adherence to deadlines while maintaining high-quality and well-organized documentation. A self-starter with dedication and motivation, she navigates the dynamic landscape of a busy HR department, demonstrating full competence in anticipating staff talent needs and addressing them through proactive recruitment and training programs.

Leah’s profound understanding of organizational dynamics, including sales, marketing, and operations, positions her as a key contributor to successful business functions. Beyond her professional role, Leah finds fulfillment in traveling, cooking, and gardening, showcasing a well-rounded individual with diverse interests.

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