Philippine Embassy – Japan

The Philippine Government, in its pursuit of maximizing the real estate property in Japan, has enlisted the expertise of renowned Japanese architectural and engineering consultancy, NIHON SEKKEI, INC., in collaboration with FILIPINAS DRAVO CORPORATION, a reputable Filipino architectural and engineering consultancy. The collaboration aims to provide valuable guidance and support to the government in the development of the Roppongi Property, spanning an impressive 3,179.10 square meters. The partnership encompasses three key phases, namely pre-construction, assistance in contract award processes, and construction supervision.

Phase 1 – Pre-Construction: In the initial phase, the collaborative effort between the Philippine Government, NIHON SEKKEI, and FILIPINAS DRAVO CORPORATION focuses on the crucial pre-construction stage. This phase involves extensive planning, evaluation, and strategic decision-making to ensure the optimal utilization of the Roppongi Property. The experts assess various factors such as site conditions, zoning regulations, and architectural possibilities, providing valuable insights and recommendations for the property’s development.

Phase 2 – Assistance in Contract Award Process: Moving forward, the partnership extends its support to the Philippine Government by providing assistance in the contract award process. This phase involves leveraging the combined expertise of NIHON SEKKEI and FILIPINAS DRAVO CORPORATION to identify and select qualified contractors and vendors. By ensuring a rigorous evaluation and selection process, the collaboration aims to secure capable partners who can deliver the highest standards of construction and development services for the Roppongi Property.

Phase 3 – Construction Supervision: The final phase of this strategic collaboration focuses on construction supervision. NIHON SEKKEI, INC., along with FILIPINAS DRAVO CORPORATION, takes on the responsibility of overseeing the construction activities on-site. Their role encompasses monitoring progress, ensuring adherence to design specifications and quality standards, and resolving any potential challenges that may arise during the construction phase. By providing comprehensive supervision, the partnership aims to guarantee the successful realization of the Roppongi Property’s development vision.

The collaboration between the Philippine Government, NIHON SEKKEI, INC., and FILIPINAS DRAVO CORPORATION marks an important milestone in the optimization of the Roppongi Property in Japan. Through their joint efforts, the expertise and guidance provided in the pre-construction phase, assistance in the contract award process, and construction supervision contribute to the realization of a well-planned and efficiently executed development project. The Philippine Government’s initiative to enlist the support of renowned international consultants showcases its commitment to leveraging external expertise for the benefit of its real estate ventures, ultimately fostering growth and innovation in the international arena.

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